Meeting Closer

Meeting Closer Latest Version: 4.2.16

Close the event, keep the data!
iMIS add-on solution

Product Details

Close Events and Expos without losing any data
Creates activities for events, functions, speakers, and CEUs. Retains the existing data for reporting and use within iMIS.
Re-open Events and Expos as needed
De-clutters your open events/expos window
Creates CEUs as you need them

Product Requirements

Requires iMIS 10.6 or higher

Pricing (USD)

$1,995 | Order Now

Annual software update fees are approximately 20% and are billed yearly after the first year.

"I don't worry about closing meetings anymore. Meeting Closer allows me to close the meetings without deleting the data!"
Alissa Lang, Liberal Party of Australia NSW

Latest updates for Meeting Closer 4.2.16

Last Updated: October 21, 2014 Download User Guide
  1. Fix uninstallation cleanup issue.
  2. Fix support link on login dialog.
  3. Add support link to help menu.
  4. Fix “Show Active Only” checkbox behavior.
  5. Fix CEU End Date activity issue.
  6. Fix issue with activity flowdown errors and improve dialogue verbiage.
  7. Fix issue when pressing ‘x’ on Function Activities box then performing another action.
  8. Fix issue with license validation