iMerge Latest Version: 4.1.34

Find duplicate records and merge them with ease.
iMIS add-on solution

Product Details

Merge duplicate records instantly
Load iMerge on as many workstations as you'd like. Any duplicate records your staff finds can be merged on the fly and according to your own business rules.
Batch merging
Merge organizational records
Supports merging non-iMIS tables
Extensible with your custom rules
Find duplicates

Product Requirements

iMIS 10.6 or higher.

If you are running on SQL 2000, please contact CSI before downloading the product.

Pricing (USD)

$2,495 | Order Now

Annual software update fees are approximately 20% and are billed yearly after the first year.

"Using iMerge is an easy way to combine a duplicate record and the legitimate record without losing any of the member activity, dues, subscription or meeting history."
Laurie Newhouse, Wisconsin REALTORS Association

Latest updates for iMerge 4.1.34

Last Updated: May 6, 2015 Download User Guide
If you are running on SQL 2000, please contact CSI before downloading the product.
  1. Fix issue for custom flowdown fields of FLOAT type being interpreted as dates
  2. Allow selected tree node to remain visible and highlighted
  3. Add validation for missing ID field and multi-instance tables on formula fields
  4. Add support for FormResponse new table starting in iMIS version 20+
  5. Update information message on finding duplicated event registration
  6. Update validation error messaging for input fields
  7. Write to Name_Log before “End of merge Stored Procedure”
  8. Fix issue with company flow down having too many rules and child records
  9. Enhancements for Licensing, Login and About dialog windows
  10. Fix rollback custom stored procedures calls at beginning of merge