Activity Importer Plus (AI+)

Activity Importer Plus (AI+) Latest Version: 1.5.12

Import and update activities in iMIS.
iMIS add-on solution

Product Details

Import Unique Activities in Mass
Import any type of activity record data. It’s the perfect solution for importing calls, event attendance, and even committee participation.
Generate Activities from IQA
Save Import Templates for Future Use
Update Existing Activities
Optionally Import Gifts

Product Requirements

Requires iMIS 10.6 or higher.

Pricing (USD)

$1,995 | Order Now

Annual software update fees are approximately 20% and are billed yearly after the first year.

Gift Importer is an optional add-on for Activity Importer Plus. For pricing, please contact your solution provider or CSI.

"Activity Importer Plus is working wonderfully. I cannot believe how much time it is saving me!"
Lynne McGuire, Professional Insurance Agents of Ohio

Latest updates for Activity Importer Plus (AI+) 1.5.12

Last Updated: March 9, 2015 Download User Guide
  1. Fix inability to import a single Excel column
  2. Default to showing all fields for “REQUEST” activity type
  3. Fix international date import bug
  4. Fix XLS file support
  5. Fix Show All checkbox not working
  6. Update login control and IQA initizalization. Fix issues with casual users not able to login
  7. Minor installation program update
  8. Fix bug with blank value functionality
  9. Updated help information window
  10. Changed some messages to be more helpful/informational
  11. Show all fields is checked by default
  12. Change PK to Match On headers